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Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Stone Massage

Are you ready for your hot stone massage? Not sure what to expect? Well, this will help you prepare for your upcoming treatment. As with any other treatment, being prepared for it will make the event less worrisome and more relaxing. Here are some tips that can make your hot stone massage, a soothing and memorable experience:

1. Don’t eat anything for a couple of hours before, and also avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol too.

2. Give yourself time before your therapy to have a warm shower or spend some time in the spa’s sauna or Jacuzzi. This will help relax and soften the muscles prior to the hot stones being applied.

3. Communicate with your therapist. If you want the massage to be lighter or more vigorous, or you want the lights dimmer it’s is fine to say so.

4. Breathe deeply and freely to help you ease into your massage.

5. Avoid strenuous exercise or activity for at least a few hours after your massage, and ideally until the next day.

6. Drink plenty of water. This is important to help flush the toxins from your system.

7. You may feel tired and possibly a little emotional too therefore it is advised that you don’t rush straight back to work or chores.

Follow these steps and you will feel all the benefits of your hot stone massage and feel wonderful.

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